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Why does your cat always want to be with you? Here’s the answer

Some cats may chase their owners because they need shelter when separated from their mothers. Many pet owners often believe that cats do not like their owners because they are individualistic and do not need the affection of other animals. However, cats can express their love differently from other pets, such as dogs.

Recently published studies show that cats love their masters just as much as dogs do. However, the way they show their love is different. This explains why people misinterpret their behavior. In fact, their body language is deep and intense.

Kittens often chase their mothers. In this way, they learn different skills from their mother and feel safe. Many owners are able to maintain a parent-child relationship with their cat. They continue to care for their feline like a mother: feed it, clean it, etc. They continue to care for their feline like a mother: feed them, clean their litter, and offer them affection.

For this reason, some cats may chase their owners. The owner actually takes on the role of their mother. With it, the animal feels safe and protected. Plus, he gets all the love and care he needs.

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Why does your cat follow you everywhere?

This is also the case when cats sleep with their owners. Because there is no greater sign of vulnerability than sleeping with someone. It means that the cat feels comfortable with you and does not see you as a threat.

Another example is cat kneading. This is actually one of the main strategies cats use to let you know they like you. This kneading is related to the massage that kittens perform in their babies’ bellies. mothers to stimulate production and strengthen the bond between them. So your cat may be letting you know how happy she is to be with you by remembering this gesture from her childhood.

On the other hand, one of the most obvious signs that she misses you is when your pet is waiting by the door. This is usually accompanied by rubbing against your legs. In addition to your affection, your cat may be signaling that it needs food or fresh water.

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Many pets are also bored indoors. This is because they cannot engage in the exploration and hunting activities typical of their species. Therefore, when felines become too bored, they may follow their owners and seek entertainment and stimulation in their routine.

It is worth noting that if your cat shows several signs of boredom, it is important to spend more time with her or give her toys to keep her occupied. Loneliness can be cured by good company. More cuddles, more play and less scolding can give an animal a greater sense of protection from sadness and boredom.

Finally, another reason why cats chase their owners is because they need their help. In general, cats tend to hide their pain when they are uncomfortable or agitated. However, some may meow urgently to their owners. to ask for help. They may be hungry, lonely or suffering…

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