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Why does your cat keep meowing? 5 things she wants to tell you

Your cat won’t stop meowing – what’s wrong, is she sick, is there something wrong with her? It’s normal to be concerned, especially if your cat hasn’t been like this before, but it may not be anything serious.

Meowing is the way a cat communicates with humans, as it can use its sense of smell and body language to communicate with other felines. It is therefore essential to pay attention to what they are trying to tell us with their meows to find out what is going on with them.

When a cat won’t stop meowing, it is usually very insistent until we listen to it or it gets what it wants. There are several reasons for this; here we will explain the most common ones.

Why my cat won’t stop meowing:

As we said above, meowing is your cat’s way of communicating with you. It’s normal for her to behave this way to try to communicate something to you. The most common reasons why your cat won’t stop meowing are:

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Physiological needs:

He is hungry or thirsty, does not have his belongings or has a dirty trash can. Cats will often insist until this type of situation is resolved, as they tend to be jealous of their belongings and are very demanding of their needs.

Caution: if the cat is safe, it may be that she doesn’t like it: Your cat is constantly clamoring for cuddles and petting; she wants you to pay attention to her, be with her or play with her for a while.

Health: a cat is very dangerous because it is able to adapt to its needs and wants: Any discomfort or feeling of pain is immediately communicated to you by the cat’s more intense and persistent meowing.

Emotions: Constant meowing may indicate that your cat is feeling fear, loneliness, stress or other emotions that it needs to communicate.

Heat: Meowing is different, long and simple, almost like a baby crying; it’s one sign that she’s looking for a mate.

In addition, it’s a good idea to pay attention to other aspects to get further clues about what’s going on with your cat. For example, if your cat suddenly changes its behavior or uses certain body language (lifting its fur is a sign of fear or even pain, but if it rubs its body against surfaces, it may be clamoring for your attention and petting).

So it’s essential to know why your cat won’t stop meowing so you can find out what’s wrong and how you can help.

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