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Why does your dog like to sit under your desk or desk?

Just like us, dogs feel the need to be safe. When uncertainty and fear set in, your dog will run away from any commotion or loud noise by hiding under the table. You may even notice that he does this when someone in the room raises their voice.

Why does your dog like to sit under the table?

Why does your dog like to sit under the table? Possible reasons for his behaviour are that he feels safer, that he wants something from you, that he is protective. Or that you have inadvertently encouraged this behaviour by rewarding the dog when he does it.

If your dog is hiding under the table, there could be several reasons. The first reason is that the “kitchen table looks like an enclosed space similar to a doghouse. It has four legs and a roof that can protect the dog. It therefore helps him feel protected, comfortable and relaxed.

In addition, tables allow the dog to see what is going on around him. Dr. Beth Cobb, DVM, veterinarian, explains that your dog may want to be near you. However, he needs his own space to rest.

She says if your pet is under the coffee table in the living room, he probably wants to be with you. However, the situation may be quite different if he’s sitting next to your feet under the table. Some dogs sit at the table because they expect you to give them treats or food. So if you notice your dog is clamoring for leftovers, it may be time to correct this behavior. And of course, stop giving him your food!


However, if your dog hides under the table or bed during stressful experiences, he may be afraid or anxious. Dr. Cobb explains, “Some dogs are afraid of thunderstorms or loud noises or have other phobias. The dog may then crawl under a table or bed to feel safe in an enclosed, secure space.

Alternatively, the vet can discuss with you different ways to help the dog feel less anxious or frightened. “There are behaviour modification, holistic methods or medication. If your pet hides under the table or bed all day, that’s not normal, according to Dr. Cobb. At the very least, this behavior change “deserves a phone call to your veterinarian.”

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