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Woman collapses on road, her dog stops van to help her

The loyalty of our canine friends never ceases to amaze us. Like what this dog did when her human needed help. His owner suddenly lost consciousness and fell to the side of the road. The dog didn’t hesitate to do whatever it took to help him. At the risk of endangering his own life!

Dog: The most surprising story!

In a neighborhood in Ottawa, Canada, cameras in Sittsville recorded an amazing scene. Haley Moore from the area had a seizure and passed out on the street. The incident happened while he was walking his dog, Clover.

The latter is a hybrid female combining the Maremma and Abruzzo Shepherd breeds. The dog was very benevolent during the whole scene. She had one behavior after another amazing and exceptional.

At the sight of her owner, the dog immediately understood that something was wrong. Clover sniffed Haley, but when she didn’t move, she became frightened. She could not sit and was very restless.

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a female dog got in the middle of the road to get help. Clover tried to stop any car driving by. Just then, a white van pulled over because Clover was blocking its path.

Amazing behaviour!

The man driving the van was named Dryden Oatway. Since he couldn’t move the car because of the dog, he finally got out. He tried to find answers to the animal’s strange behavior

And luckily, he ended up seeing Haley’s lifeless body on the sidewalk. He didn’t hesitate to help her. “It was really impressive. The dog actually blocked my path,” he said.

When he arrived next to the young woman, another local resident shook their hand. However, the presence of the two men did not calm the dog. So the other one hurried to return home to tell her family about the incident.

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Once there, her family immediately noticed Haley’s absence. Also, the dog’s leash was still attached to her collar. Her relatives understood that something had happened to the young woman eager to see it there.

Haley is safe and sound thanks to her dog!

Fortunately for Haley, everything is getting back to normal. This last came out unscathed by her accident, though she still doesn’t know the reason for her crisis. She was finally able to watch surveillance videos and learn about her dog’s heroic act. He didn’t wait for her to come to his rescue.

Even at the cost of endangering his own life. She informed our colleagues at People how to keep the animals benevolent. She will be eternally grateful to her beloved dog, whom she loves passionately. Haley also said she felt “10 times safer” with her loyal friend nearby.

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