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World Cup Who Will Win The World Cup? Algorithm prediction

BCA Research’s prediction for the final and which national team will win the next World Cup in Qatar.

Start date world cup. The world cup will be played in Qatar from November 20. A day that many fans around the world are waiting for, but certainly a little less so in Qatar. Italy.

In fact, as unfortunately we all know, we Italians National under the leadership of ČT Robert Mancini, even though they conquered the European, failed to qualify for the World for the second consecutive edition.

The fact remains that many football fans, including here, will not miss a single match of the upcoming World Cup. The first of them will take place in less than a month, but some have already gone further, more precisely to the final.

World Cup, Finals Predictions and National Winners of the Next World Cup

The last act of this competition will take place on December 18, and it will be a decisive contest that will decide which of the thirty-two participating national teams will lift the most important football trophy into the sky.

As for this final match, BCA Research has predicted the two national teams that will compete for the final victory.

In fact, he also predicted who would be the winner and whether it would be at the end of regular time, overtime or penalties. To reach these conclusions, BCA Research cross-referenced data from the last four World Cups with player statistics from the famous video game. FIFA.

This analysis concluded that the final will be played between Argentina and Portugal and that the Albiceleste team will win. The success of this last national team should come after the penalty shootout. The probability of the triumph of the South American national team would be very high, namely seventy-seven percent. It would be the third World Cup in Argentina’s history.

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